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Fall on PEI

August 2009

Savour the Fall

Nature spent all spring and summer growing the foods we enjoy on Prince Edward Island: fruits, herbs, vegetables, lobster, oysters, mussels, and nearly every kind of fish and meat. Now, in the fall, our chefs (many trained at the Culinary Institute right here in Charlottetown) have access to this abundance of fresh ingredients. Combine nature’s perfection with highly-skilled food artists, and the result is sure to be meals to remember. Every possible dining experience, from elegant gourmet dinners to family-style restaurants to clambakes and barbecues on the beach. Fall is fresh on PEI!

Anne and Gilbert

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An eventful season

Okay, it’s a beautiful time of year, but is anything actually happening? Well, there are concerts, festivals, ceilidhs, kitchen parties, and music jams all over the Island. And of course theater, Anne of Green Gables, Community plays and dinner theatre. Fiddlers and step dancers. Drag racing, stock car racing, and harness racing. Comedy shows, variety shows, and a sound & light show. Children’s theatre. Storytelling. Flea markets. A chocolate festival. And magic. Did we forget anything? Actually, a lot.